Shades of Grey – EP


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take my breath away
a friend is when he stays
take my fear away
a friend is when she stays
give me a sign, maybe falling from the sky please give me a signal

is this the way of my life, the right way, the right time and place or wasted space, I don’t think so. I see it in her face, near endless grace and when she smiles the sun arises. I regret nothing. I only hope and wish it will last a life with lots of kids, maybe five?!

I’m scared of being alone, losing home, getting unknown. send me a signal when the time has come to be honest, prepared, when my heart is free to be a father for my little son, one for the rest of my life, for the smile of my wife. I only need a sign to reach out for cloud nine

take my breath away, a friend is when she stays and every day I like her, I love her, enfold her and when it’s cold outside I hold her tight, she’s in the middle of my world and every little thing is for her. „follow her“, I hear you say, „and never let her go“

New Broom Sweeps Clean
spells of confusion

questions in my head

maybe that‘s a sign

maybe that‘s the time to bear the challenge and break the wall

forward to the unknown into the free fall

I don‘t want to hide

behind familiar

sequences and stuff

I don‘t need more time to accept responsibility
cause everyone knows that new broom sweeps clean

may our new year‘s pledge
come true for you and me
may our gladness stay
unto our faces and let candour and conversation
guide us and help through the times of our life

Inside Outside
it‘s raining outside
this cold wind‘s blowing
clouds in the air
dark and grey

the world is outside – stay inside – stay inside

I crawl under my blanket
and it fells so familiar

you know with my love by my side
we are in a dream and take a ride

my sunshine‘s inside – not outside – not outside

I sit back and hear the rain crackling on our window
and time is passing by – wake up, realize

now cleared up outside
raindrops on the window
I can feel the sun
once again

the world‘s not inside – but outside – but outside

In A Constant State Of Flux
unseated on a narrow stream seems like living in a dream, but you feel good
family and friends are near, trying to take away your fear, and you feel good
they are teaching you to sail, set the flag and blaze the trail, and you feel good
come try a step into your boat, pack your bag and hit the road, so you feel good

now you leave safety fairway, waving hands from back in bay, but you feel good
follow the river to the sea, left and right you see some trees, but you feel good
you have to leave some friends behind, some pass by once in a while, but you feel good
be sure you‘ll always find your home and family, you‘re not alone, you feel good

sometimes the view is clear and free, sometimes foggy or one degree, but you feel good
onshore wind may blow too strong, strike the sails and drift along, but you feel good
sometimes rain comes pouring down, hide beneath the bridge in town, and feel good
water is squirting in your boat, think of „sun“, tighten your coat, and feel good

you know that sun follows the rain and the waves calm down again, you feel good
enjoy the ride, enjoy the view, waterfalls, sunset and you, you feel good
you can trust in the stars, in cloudless nights they guide you along
you can trust in your heart, believe in you and reach the sea

things are in a state of flux

The Orange Mixer
as long as I know it‘s standing there
bloomy in spring, blessed with air
affectionately treated even though old – old

we climb up the branches, sky-high
circled the trunk a tousand times
we shared the shades of this old tree – old tree

as long as I know it‘s lying there
growling by noon, devil may care
as if this technical equipment would be undistructable

she wiped the beaters around
cakes and curd, pudding in brown
my orange companion missed no clump – clump

we try to keep this picture inside our head
I try to keep this picture inside my head


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