your day – Single


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your day
Look in the clouds, summer’s away, November saw the light of day.
Ups and downs, colored or grey shaped your life in this array.
Embrace the lessons you have learned, let the fire within you burn –
this is your day, your day.

No longer child, but young adult with dreams and passions to exalt.
You’ve got the strength to overcome, make your mark, shine like the sun.
Unleash your dreams, follow your heart, the world awaits, a brand-new start –
this is your day, your day.

You’re the pilot of your life, stormy weather, clear blue skies,
with friends who stay right by your side – beloved, supported day and night.
You enriched my life.

Onboard your wings, it’s time to fly, reach the clouds up in the sky.
The wind will guide you through the turns while you explore what your heart yearns.
Caress the challenges you’ll face, with every step, you leave your trace –
this is your day, your day.

So here’s to you, this is your day, step into the right runway.
With courage ready to depart, ground control approved the start.
You can take off without delay, remember me here when I say:
„This is your day, we are ok. I’ll always stay in your day.“



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